Why Christian Support of Israel Made the U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Possible

Amid much fanfare, history was made Monday when the United States Embassy officially opened its doors in Jerusalem.

The embassy move from Tel Aviv, where it has been since 1948, and White House recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital stand as a huge diplomatic achievement for the State of Israel. It’s also reasonable to think that Jewish leadership in the United States helped advocate for this day.

But this historic turning point in Israeli history could also not have taken place without the critical involvement of another group – evangelical Christians in America. Continue reading

Why Christians Support Israel, by Dennis Prager

A man walks by as the Israeli national flag and an American one are projected on a part of the walls surrounding Jerusalem’s Old City December 6, 2017. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RC14FCF78AB0

They believe in supporting American allies and supporting countries that share their moral values.

In speeches to fellow Jews around America, I often point out that many American Jews are experiencing cognitive dissonance. The institution Jews most admire — the university — turns out to be the most significant source of Israel hatred in America and the rest of the West. At the same time, the people many Jews most distrust — Christians (especially Evangelical and other conservative Christians) — turn out to be the Jews’ and Israel’s best friends. Continue reading